Systems Integration

Here at Network Solutions we use a 'special approach': we align vendors and customers in order to continuously produce success stories. We combine a multitude of skills to implement complex systems of integrated projects for a range of industries.

Some examples of our expertise include:

  • Governmental Organizations
  • Education
  • Media Organizations
  • Forex & Shipping Industries
  • Business Solutions

We also strive to provide our clientele with on-demand solutions including:

  • Consulting,
  • Design/Redesign and PM
  • Infrastructure and Security
  • Specialized business applications
  • Post-implementation support and maintenance

We provide everything and anything our clients’ desire for any technological project. We are well known for delivering complex projects reliably and on time. Our strong technological experience and expertise combined with the unmatched experience of our international vendors and specialized partners, allow us to integrate multiple systems in order to deliver the required solutions and services our customers need.