Information Security Solutions

Security and protection solutions for information and data

IT Security Solutions

Information is increasingly becoming the most valuable asset for organizations. As a result, it needs to be properly safe-guarded and it’s security is an increasing priority for modern businesses. Keeping data safe is critical for the success of the organization, as well as reinforcing customer trust.

With cyber threats, ransom-ware, viruses and malware on the rise, as well as the introduction of multiple personal devices in corporate networks, it is of paramount importance for businesses to have a solid cyber security strategy in place.

Network Security

Network is the backbone of an organization’s infrastructure, since personnel sends, receives, accesses and stores data. Since so much information moves in and out the network, traffic must be monitored and prioritized, access must be restricted (when deemed necessary) and outside connections must be filtered and blocked when malicious.

At Network Solutions, we approach an organization’s network from many different aspects to tackle the various complex threats it may face for both your guests and employees, over a wired and/or wireless infrastructure.

Data Protection

We believe that information and data need to be stored safely. No matter how well protected the storage infrastructure is, archiving and securing offline backups is always required. In case of a loss, a carefully planned backup strategy can help your company or organization to get back up and running quickly and instantly restoring any corrupted data.