Managed Services

Management Services are an important component to every successful enterprise. Automated systems and digital databases can be a challenge and can add to significant expenses, for example, keeping your hardware and systems secure and up to date.

Network Solutions can help your business to address those challenges without getting distracted by complex IT decisions. Managed IT services involve delegating IT tasks and operations to a third-party provider which provides a holistic approach to IT services, resulting in a higher standard than many organizations are able to achieve in-house.

Every type of organization, whether small or large, can benefit from using our Managed IT Services. We can provide you with a range of services at a consistent monthly cost. This will allow you to free up IT personnel, stay focus on your core business and have immediate access to experts, without spending a significant part of your budget setting up infrastructure.

There are several financial, functional and operational benefits for your organization. The main ones are:

Infrastructure Expenses

With Network Solutions, you reduce infrastructure costs by paying on a monthly basis for the infrastructure they are using without paying upfront the entire infrastructure cost. Also, you save on licensing, training and consulting. All of these needs are covered by a single, monthly investment.

Immediate Expert level support

IT problems and network downtime disrupt productivity and stall projects. With Network Solutions, you will be able to immediately access an IT expert who can keep your company up and running smoothly, or get your business back on track, oftentimes within minutes.

Predictable Monthly costs

With us you will be paying the same amount regardless of how much support you need each month. This means you will know exactly what the budget is and exactly what service you will receive, allowing you to be more flexible when investing in other areas of your business.

Freeing Up IT staff

With Network Solutions, your in-house IT staff doesn’t have to worry about resolving user issues or fixing malfunctioning equipment. On the contrary, they can dedicate their time on other projects that will further enhance the core objectives of the company and promote expansion.